81 ans
Divorcé - 2 enfants

hors ligne
Profession Informaticien
Niveau d'études Bac+5 et +
Je vis Seul
Silhouette Sportive
Taille 167 cm
Poids 74 kg
Yeux Bleus
Cheveux Blonds
Mon annonce Mes photos sont recentes. Je vis en France et au Canada, extremement actif, viril,en excellente forme physique et mentale. j'aime nager, velo, marcher, musique classique, Jazz, lecture. Je prepare encore un doctorat, je dirige des projets de traitement du language naturel. Math et IA.
J'aime voyager, j'ai habite Israel, la France, les Etats-Unis, Taiwan, la Thailande, la Turquie. J'ai fait l'armee Israelienne.
Je recherche une femme active, aimante, intelligente, passionnee parfois, pour une relation de couple voire mariage. Si possible compassion et gentillesse naturelle.
Je ne suis pas shomer Shabbat pour l'instant mais pret a casherout

I develop linguistic software. Usually I code and experiment AI and ML stuff. I am in excellent shape, physically and mentally.
I am still preparing a PhD. I enjoy especially classical music (Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Borodin, Bartok, Bizet, Ravel, etc.) + good Jazz, and meaningful conversations.
Somehow romantic (skies, sunset, sunrise) I walk a lot, ski, hike in the mountains, swim, bike. I was bon in France and may relocate there part of the year. I enjoy warm weather, lived in several countries (Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, and Europe). I am not extremely rich but affectionate and I do what passionate me. I don't have to go to the office! Maybe she can speak other languages than her mother tongue. I can speak several languages including Mandarin, I learn quickly. I enjoy presence and being. I am not extremely materialistic. I love traveling, driving, going nowhere, but go there! :) I am not very tall! So, if you need a nice, non-violent, faithful man, contact me. I can translate into Ukrainian, Russian. And I can learn too!
I want to meet a honest woman who needs affection and a tight relationship. A woman who appreciates closeness, tenderness, who can be my companion, to and live together in a nice place we can choose (Canada, or France, or ???) Good education, somehow romantic... Enjoys traveling, landscapes, not too materialistic, enjoys presence, attention. Some zest for life, passion, sensuality... If possible!
A terrace where we are both cuddling, or reading. The seaside. A ski trip to the Alps. Driving through Europe, Canada, the USA, visiting Asia. But first, the "chemistry"
So many, but a love for the mountain - would prefer live in the mountains (France, Grenoble - Canada, Vancouver)
Difficult. Sometimes vegetarian, sometimes enjoy lamb.
Je parle plusieurs langues incluant l'Hebreu et le Mandarin