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Mon annonce Hello dear lady.
I don't like talking about myself a lot, but I know exactly who I am, and what I am willing to give to my wife. I have a golden heart, and I want to support you when the world seems scary to you, I always take responsibility, I want to be your best friend and lover. I will be faithful to you forever and I will NEVER EVER betray you, I will be your shoulder when you are sad. I want to be a good husband for you, and a good father to our children, I will never leave you in time of sickness, problems or distress. I will always be there for you, I am clikimic at gmalcom, and I will always take care of you and support you as much as I can. I will look deep in your eyes and tell you my love to you, I want to protect you from anything bad, I want you to smile always and be happy.

I will pat your head and comfort you when you cry, and I will hug you tight when everything looks scary to you, and wrap you in all my good energies. clikimic at gm. i am God-fearing. I want you to be proud of me, and I want to be proud of you too. I am not violent not smokin not a drinker or a gambler. my marital status is separated.

I send my real pictures only privately and I never put my pictures on the site. In general, I am tall, handsome, gray hair with blue eyes.

I am looking for a calm woman and not nervous, a woman who knows how to give up and not stubborn in order to raise a family. I want kids.

It will be my honor to respect your parents and your family.

But if you're one of those who are looking for money or gift cards, don't write to me.

I'm looking for a calm woman and not a nervous type. a woman that knows how to give up and not a stubborn person. Looking for marriage and kids.